Embedded Trade Order Widget

The IXily widget is the fastest way for your users to place trades from within your website.

The widget is designed to be incorporated into third party content sites, allowing a user to initiate a trade from within that site and without leaving the site at any point. The user can place an order in any of their linked accounts, across multiple supported brokers and can easily adjust their order settings.

In addition, data can be easily passed from the site to the order widget, to communicate the opening, adjustment or closure of a position or the rebalance of a portfolio.

Launching the Widget

The trade order widget can be launched with a number of different parameters depending on the context.

  • No selected asset - this is the simplest state; the widget is launched and the user must then select an asset supported by their account before they can place an order
  • Pre selected asset - the asset (ticker) and trade direction (optional) can be passed into the widget; this is useful where there is context for initiating a trade, for example, an article discussing an asset, but where a specific trade idea has not been created (and may not be intended).
  • Trade idea - the reference of a previously created trade idea, for opening, adjusting or closing a position or initiating a rebalance can be passed. The details of the idea will be pre-populated. This allows a user to very quickly implement a trade idea from your website.