Trade Ideas / Background

The primary purpose of a trade idea is to communicate the details of a trade recommendation from the party generating the recommendation to a party that is able to execute the resulting trade.

This typically applies when a segregation of duties is beneficial. Those who are able to create trade ideas do so, while those who either manage their own money or those who are regulated or appropriately permissoned to manage money for others can also do so.

A trade idea though is completely separate from the execution. The party generating the idea is not aware of any aspect of the executing party's trading account - neither the account size, positions, settings or risk levels. Only the basic information about the trade is passed which includes the ticker, direction and conviction (and additional support information). It it up to the executing party to determine the appropriateness of the trade for their own portfolio. The executing party is 100% responsibile for the execution of the trade.

Simple Flow

Also see the expanded flow below

A trade idea can be for a single asset or a portfolio rebalance.

Create a Trade Idea

Trade ideas can be created manually via the IXily Trade Ideas site (ACTIV) or programmatically via the API:

  • Manual creation via ACTIV (option in right hand menu)
  • Create standard trade idea via API
  • Create rebalance trade idea via API

Upon successful creation, a reference will be returned. This reference should be used for updating or closing the idea (or rebalance).

Receiving and/or Acting on a Trade Idea

For a user to receive and act upon a trade idea, they must have:

  • Linked a brokerage account with IXily - this allows IXily to know if a trade has been placed and that was triggered from a trade idea.
  • In some cases, a method of payment may be required if renumeration is required by the party generating the idea

Practically, a user will receive an app notification or email which links to trade idea details in the IXily app or on the IXily trade ideas website. They can then place a trade via our trade ticket (widget, sdk or app) and the assoication with the trade idea will be recorded with the order.

Note that a custom integration using IXily's API and SDKs will allow the user to remain on a partner site and for all communucation to be branded as required.

Position Adjustments & Closure

As detailed above, a user must have linked a brokerage account in order to receieve the initial trade idea. Adjustments and closure instructions are only sent to users who have a linked account AND who have placed a trade in that linked account which was triggered by the trade idea.

We consider the management and exit of a position as the most important part of a trade and as such that information is only communicated when it can be confirmed that the user is invested in the trade idea. This protects any commercial relationships and stops abuse by users.

Expanded Flow