Embedded Investing Infrastructure

Seamlessly integrate investing into any service.

With our easy to embed trade order tools and global broker connectivity, we make investing as simple as one-click checkout.

Because there is a better way to invest.

Welcome to IXily

For Consumers

We Make It Easy, For You To Invest Better.
It’s secure, simple and quick.

Connecting Your Investing

We integrate investing into your favourite services and connect them to brokers globally. So you can invest directly from the apps and sites you want. Effortlessly, as if you’re in your brokerage account.

Easy One-Click Investing

Hassle free trading. Define portfolio, risk and control settings that are right for you. IXily pre-configures your trade orders for you, so you can invest the way you want to. Seamlessly, in one click.

Invest Securely

We keep your data safe and handle your trade orders securely. We don’t store your login credentials to your brokerage account and when you authorise information to be shared with any services, we transfer it securely.

For Partners

Embed Investing Into Your Business
Delight Your Customers and Boost Your Growth

Elminate Friction

Make your service more valuable and improve your customers’ experience, by empowering them to invest directly from your app or site. With a few lines of code, we make it really easy to turn your business into a connected end-to-end investment service.

Drive Revenue

Open up new revenue opportunities - be rewarded for performing trade ideas, reach new markets, effortlessly share trade recommendations and increase sales with enhanced services. There are so many possibilities when you embed investing into your business.

Simple, Secure & Seamless

We make using IXily really easy for you and your customers. We obsess about every detail for you, from broker connectivity and near real-time data, to pre-configured trade orders and secure data handling. So you can focus on the services that matter to you most.

For Brokers

Be Visible Where It Matters Most
Empower Your Customers and Increase Your Revenue

Being Connected Matters

Supercharge your API. Embed your brokerage into multiple services when we integrate with your API. Empower your customers to trade seamlessly, directly from their favourite apps and sites, as well as your platforms. And open up new streams of trading flow.

Elminate Friction

Make your customers more engaged investors. Remove the hassle of multiple disconnected steps in their investing, by enabling them to trade directly from any app or site, effortlessly in one-click. Make their experience seamless and make your revenue grow.

Simple, Secure & Seamless

We make it really simple for you and your customers. We do the work and integrate with your API, so your customers can invest seamlessly from any app or site. Our technology handles trade orders securely and keeps customer data secure.

Everything we do, we believe in making investing better, for everyone. We believe that making an investment should be as seamless as one-click checkout. That is not the way it works today. Read more...

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